Who Needs More Life Insurance? Batman or Carol Brady?

Batman or Carol Brady?

Life Happens sponsored a creative survey asking over 1,000 participants to consider the life insurance needs of famous fictional characters, including superheroes and stay-at-home parents. By far, most participants felt that the superheroes needed life insurance more than the parents. For example, 34% of respondents believe super-spy James Bond needs life insurance. Yet, only 18% believe Homer Simpson needs coverage. Holy Faulty Thinking, Batman! 

The survey's purpose was to highlight the misconceptions surrounding life insurance, and they definitely succeeded at that. Let's take Batman, for example. Bruce Wayne is single, has no dependents, and is filthy rich. He is not a strong candidate for life insurance. If the Joker were to cause a fatal crash of the Batmobile, no one would be at a loss, financially.

Conversely, Carol Brady absolutely needs life insurance. She's a stay-at-home mom with six kids depending on her. If something were to happen to Carol - Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy would be devastated. Even though Carol's contributions to the family are not monetarily-based, they would be expensive to replace. 

There are two important concepts highlighted in this funny survey:

1. The importance of life insurance is not directly tied to a high probability of death as a result of risky behavior (like keeping Gotham safe from super-villains).

2. Life insurance has everything to do with protecting the ones who depend on you (like your children).

We know you are super. But, if you are more like Carol Brady than Batman, click here to receive a free, no obligation life insurance quote. 

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